Italian Cuisine & Wine Bar

 since 2006

Strada 18's Chef
and owner,
David Raymer
and his bride,
were honeymooning
in Northern Italy....



The Maitre d' at their hotel in Sienna discovered that David was a culinary student
and advised the couple that there was a wonderful restaurant that they MUST visit.

He raved about the dishes at the place, the wine they made themselves, the sausages and cheese they created on their own property and gave them the restaurants' name on a scrap of paper, making them promise not to share with other guests.

Jumping in a taxi, the couple found the establishment on the outskirts of town, but were disappointed to see it surrounded by a horde of trucks and tour buses. Surely they'd been sent to a tourist restaurant? Once inside though, there were no tourists, just the drivers of the buses, local Siennese diners and upscale travelers from every possible part of Italy and Europe. 

As promised, the food was great, There were astonishing pizzas, salads and local dishes made with vegetables grown behind the restaurant, wines from neighboring vineyards and desserts made from family recipes.

Chef Raymer and his longtime Sous Chef Luciano Ramirez decided they wanted to bring that kind of experience to Connecticut. Along with his long time Sous Chef Luciano Ramirez, they opened Strada 18 as a casual "joint" that served pizza and original dishes accompanied by great wine, beer, and cocktails.

If our popularity in South Norwalk is any indication, the idea has succeeded.







122 Washington Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854



T-Th 11:30am–10pm
F 11:30am-11pm
Sa 11:30am–11pm
Su Brunch 11:30am-3;00pm
      Dinner 3:00pm–9pm


Strada 18 apizza e vino is the Heart & Soul of South Norwalk


Strada 18 apizza e vino

122 Washington St.
(between Main & Water Sts.)
South Norwalk, CT 06854

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