The Days of Wine and Roses!

Strada18 is about to celebrate its tenth year of business...
What happens next? Where do we go? What will our food and service be like?


New Lunch Menu & The Evolution Of Strada 18 On It's 10th Anniversary

 When we first opened 10 years ago, our idea was to open at 11:30 every morning with one menu and run the same menu straight through until we closed at night. Luciano and I have been thinking a lot recently about what the next 10 years of Strada 18 will look like, and one of the changes we decided to make was to run seperate lunch and dinner menus. There will still be carry-over for some items, but we wanted to make the lunch menu more accessible.

The new lunch menu is more lunch-sized and lunch-priced; The quality remains the same. We're thrilled with the results so far and we know you will be too.